WhatsApp new update Information

WhatsApp new update Information 
WhatsApp excites fans with new features from time to time.  New Explosive Features Rollout on WhatsApp in 2022  This makes the work of users easier and makes chatting easier.  WhatsApp has released a new update through the Google Play beta program, bringing the version up to  What's new in this update?
WhatsApp is rolling out a new camera mode for some beta testers.
WABetaInfo shared the screenshot

 WABetaInfo gave the information about the new camera mode in WhatsApp.  WABetaInfo shared its screenshot.  In the shared screenshot, you can see that WhatsApp has redesigned the app's camera.  Also, it will get new icons for your photos and videos.
So far, this is how the video was recorded

 After this feature, users will be able to instantly switch between photo to video and video to photo mode.  Talking about now, to shoot a video in WhatsApp, you have to press and hold the button given in the bottom center of the app.  The last version of WhatsApp required you to tap and hold to record a video.
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Two weeks ago WhatsApp announced the Communities feature and now it has been rolled out for Android, iOS and web users.  With the help of this new feature, many groups can be connected together and it will be easier to manage them.  Its aim is to bring like-minded people and groups together.
Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Communities – Today we are excited to share our vision for a new WhatsApp feature called Communities.  Since the launch of WhatsApp in 2009, our focus has been on how we can improve conversations with friends and family, whether it's an individual or a group.
This is how the new Communities feature works
 WhatsApp's new Communities feature is similar to Groups, but you can add multiple users and groups to it.  While only one conversation can be part of a WhatsApp group, communities can bring together multiple groups with similar likes and dislikes.  That means it will be easier to chat and connect with each other in related groups.
This is how communities are created
 iPhone users are being shown the Community tab to the right of the chats.  So in WhatsApp web, this option is found at the top right of the screen.  Android users are also seeing the new feature in a new tab.  To create a community you have to follow the steps below.

 1. First open WhatsApp and tap on Community tab.
 2. Now you have to add profile photo after writing community name and description.  Its name cannot exceed 24 characters and must include a description.
 3. By tapping on the green arrow icon you can make an existing group part of the community or create a new group.
 4. After adding the group to the community, tap on the green check icon at the end.
A rule set for the community
 Keep in mind that users can make a maximum of 50 groups a part of a single community apart from the announcement group.  So up to 5000 members can be included in the announcement group and any community member can join the groups associated with it.
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