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What is GB RAM and GB storage in mobile? Information

What is GB RAM and GB storage in mobile? Information 
When you go to buy a smartphone, you often hear that it has so many GB of RAM and so many GB of storage.  According to Google Baba, smartphones with up to 18 GB of RAM have been launched in the world so far, but when it comes to storage, smartphones with up to 1 TB of storage are also starting to arrive.
You too have heard about RAM and storage while buying a smartphone, but have you ever wondered what it means?  What is the meaning of RAM and what is the meaning of storage in a smartphone?  So let us inform you about this today.

 What is Storage?

 Your data like photos, apps files, music and videos are all stored in the storage.  If the storage is low then you will be able to store less data in your smartphone.  Apart from this, smartphones with more storage can store more data.  Now smartphones with storage up to 1TB are also available in the market
What is RAM?

 Before knowing about RAM let's know its full form.  The full form of RAM is random access memory.  Now let's understand this whole thing through an example.  Suppose you are sitting in an office and working.  Suddenly you need a file to work on.  The file is in another room.  You go and bring the file from that room and put it on the desk and start working.  Now the pressure of work increases on you.  There comes a time when you have to work with many files on your desk.  Now the files have grown so much that you will need a large desk to work on.  After getting a big desk, when you have to work, you will pick up the file from the desk and when the work is done, you will put the file back in the same way.
Your mobile RAM also works in the same way.  Here you can consider the file room as an internal memory that contains all your files or applications.  When your desk is your RAM.  On which you work by opening apps.  In this case if you have to open more apps and work, you will need more RAM (bigger desktop).  RAM's job is to fetch apps and run them as per your command.  If any app is opening very fast in your phone, it is because of good RAM of your phone.  If your mobile is low on RAM then you will notice that your device will run slow when you have many different applications open at the same time.
Phone memory refers to RAM (Random Access Memory). RAM is the part of the phone that is used to store the operating system (OS) and where apps and data currently in use are kept. Whereas, phone storage is used to store data such as apps, photos, videos, and files that are necessary for the phone to run.
How much RAM is enough for mobile?
The short answer is that you need at least 4GB. That's enough RAM for web browsing, social media, video streaming, and some popular mobile games. However, while that applies to most smartphone users, the amount of RAM you need depends on the apps you use, and many opt for smartphones with between 6GB-8GB RAM.
A gigabyte is a specific unit of data that's equal to about 1 billion bytes of data. The term gigabyte is typically used to describe the amount of stored data or the capacity of a storage device. For example, an HDD might offer 500 GB of raw capacity but is currently storing only 200 GB of data.
Which one is bigger MB or GB?
The megabyte is a smaller quantity compared with the gigabyte. The gigabyte is bigger than the megabyte. MB is equivalent to one million bytes. GB is equivalent to one billion bytes.
How much is 1 GB?
1,000 megabytes
A gigabyte is equivalent to the following standard measurements: 1,000 megabytes (decimal) or 1,024 megabytes (binary); 1,000,000 kilobytes (decimal) or 1,048,576 kilobytes (binary); and. 1,000,000,000 bytes (decimal) or 1,073,741,824 bytes (binary).
ગુજરાત રોજગાર સમાચાર
 Published On : 04-Jan-2023
💥 બિન સચિવાલય ક્લાર્કનું ફાઈનલ સિલેકશન લીસ્ટ જાહેર 
પસંદ થયેલ અને રિજેક્ટ થયેલ ઉમેદવારનું લીસ્ટ 
નવા સત્રથી બીએ,બીકોમ સહિતનો કોર્સ 3ના બદલે હવે 4 વર્ષે પૂર્ણ થશે
અમલ આગામી નવા શૈક્ષણિક વર્ષ-2023-24થી અમલ કરી દેવાશે
પ્રથમ વર્ષે સર્ટિફિકેટ, ત્રણ વર્ષમાં સ્નાતક અને ચોથા વર્ષે ઓનર્સની ડિગ્રી અપાશે
ગુજરાત યુનિ. સંલગ્ન કોલેજમાં UG-PGમાં વર્ષ પ્રમાણે જુદા-જુદા સર્ટી. મળશે
ગુણોત્સવ 2.O નું રીજલ્ટ ઓન લાઇન હાજરી પોર્ટલ માં જોવા માટે 
EDN-૧૦ જ્ઞાનશક્તિ રેસિડેન્શિયલ સ્કૂલ ઑફ એકસેલેન્સ યોજના અંતર્ગત જુદી- જુદી ૩ પેટા યોજનાઓ માટે નાણાંકીય વર્ષ ૨૦૨૨-૨૩ના આયોજન હેઠળની નવી બાબતને વહીવટી મંજૂરી આપવા બાબત 
જુનિયર ક્લાર્કની તૈયારીઓ શરૂ કરી દો: IPS હસમુખ પટેલે આપી સૌથી મોટી અપડૅટ, જાણો ક્યારે લેવાશે 
ગુજરાત રોજગાર સમાચાર તારીખ 15/2/2023

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