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The amount of time you spend directly in the sun is also an important factor.
Those who spend relatively lesser time outside are more likely to have vitamin D deficiency compared to others. But, as explained earlier, this totally depends on your skin type and color. Don’t stay out in the sun for more than the required duration. It might cause burns and even lead to skin cancer.
Your body is not a machine. It will only produce a limited amount of vitamin D per day, even if you spend the entire day in the sun.
To know if you have received your quota of vitamin D for the day, look at your skin. If it has turned pink, you are done. While tan is good, don’t let it harm your skin.
Weather also plays an essential role in determining how much vitamin D your body can produce.
Cloudy days, though relatively cool, are highly deceptive. You may not know this, but even cloudy days can cause sunburns. This is because though the clouds block the infrared rays, they can only filter some UV rays but can’t block them entirely.
Also, snow, sand, and water reflect the UV radiation, increasing its intensity, regardless of whether the weather is clear or not. UV penetration is reduced to a low level in areas with air pollution like cities that are surrounded by hills.
Some geography for you, folks.
I suppose you know the sun’s radiation is the strongest at the equator and reduces as we go towards the poles. Therefore, the UV radiation is as much as 4 to 5 times in the areas that fall on the equator when compared to the Antarctic and Arctic circles.
This effect is also at its peak at higher altitudes when compared to plains and seas as there is much less atmosphere to absorb it. It might sound absurd, but you are at more risk of sunburns at mountains than at plain ground.
This is, by far, the most obvious factor associated with UV radiation. Summers mean more sun, which means more vitamin D. But, take care of your vitamin D levels during the winters as it drops as much as 50% during this time of the year. So, go ahead, take a sunbath.
The time of the day is equally important. The optimal time to take a sunbath is between 7 AM-9 AM.
This time is perfect as even a short exposure to UV rays can provide you with enough vitamin D for the day.
Overdose of anything can cause adverse effects, and this previtamin is no exception. Its overdose can cause a number of conditions including nausea, poor appetite, constipation, weight loss, weakness, and kidney damage.
These conditions generally occur when you intake an excess of vitamin D supplements. Be aware of the supplements that carry active ingredients.
One should not take more than 4000 IU per day, whether it is through exposure to the sun, food items, and/or supplements.
That was all about foods rich in vitamin d, and where all you can find it. So, go ahead and bask in the sun to get your dose of vitamin D. If you are aware of any other top vitamin d rich foods list, please let us know in the comments section below.
Dhoran 1 To 8 Usefull homework Diwali Gruhkary 
Vidhyarthi And shikshak mitro mate khub upyogi file 
Diwali Gruhkary Dhoran 1 hi 8 Download And Share All students And teachers 
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