Birds Voice Amazing Technology Touch Anywhere

Birds Voice Amazing Technology Touch Anywhere
Among the vertebrate fauna, birds are the most abundant group in all the natural environments of our country. The rivers, far from being an exception, are home to many bird species: some are going to eat, nest or rest, others follow the course of the river as a migratory route between the European and African continents.
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The Blauet finds in our latitudes a temperature and conditions that are ideal for residing throughout the year, especially in rivers and other masses of water.
The presence of birds in the rivers is very clear in winter. The leafy trees let us see these inhabitants, which are also more abundant and, in general, larger in size than those that usually exist during the longest time. In the spring and summer, however, they do not look so much but they feel like singing a lot because the leaves protect them. If we are not experts in songs, their identification becomes relatively complex.
The warming of the planet in the last decades is causing very notable alterations in the structure and functioning of natural systems. In the particular context of the Mediterranean region, it is difficult to identify changes in the rivers related to climate change because they are already highly regulated and altered by excessive gatherings and diverse infrastructure. Leaving this aside, recent studies seem to indicate that the situations of low levels of rivers and the frequency of extreme events, from droughts to river banks, are already increasing. As for birds, birth chants and reproductive activity are already detected with one or two weeks of advancement and migrations with advances and delays. This can lead, for example, to poor synchronization with the availability of food, whether it is of vegetable origin (fruits) or animal (emergence of aquatic insects, activity of amphibians, rodents, other bird species, etc.) .
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Birds Voice Amazing Technology Touch Anywhere
Els ocells i els rius
Entre la fauna vertebrada, els ocells són el grup més abundant a tots els ambients naturals del nostre país. Els rius, lluny de ser-ne cap excepció, acullen moltes espècies d’ocells: unes hi van a menjar, hi nien o hi reposen, altres ressegueixen el curs del riu com a ruta migratòria entre els continents europeu i africà.
Les migracions
La presència d’ocells als rius és molt patent a l’hivern. Els arbres sense fulles ens deixen veure aquests habitants que, a més, són més abundants i, en general, de mida més grossa que els que hi sol haver quan fa més bon temps. A la primavera i a l’estiu, en canvi, no se’n veuen tant però se n’hi senten cantar molts perquè les fulles els protegeixen. Si no som experts en cants, la seva identificació esdevé relativament complexa.
Birds Voice Amazing Technology Touch Anywhere