Full Form About computer

Full Form About computer
The full form of computer is “Commonly Operated Machine Particularly in Use of Technical and Educational Research”. Common operating machine purposely used for technological and educational research.
Computer has no full form: The verb “compute” comes from Latin and is combined of “Com” (with) and “Putare” (reckon). The compound word, Computare, refers to a reckoning of arithmetic, or perhaps to “settle an account.” And computer is derived from Computare.
Computer- computer is a machine
The  full form of computer is just below:
U-Used for
E-Education and
Computer is a electronic device which helps for arithmetic and logical calculations.
Computer is particularly contains arithmatic and logical unit i.e ALU.this electronic machine contains memory also. Which helps to store data.computers can be digital ,analog and hybrid based on technology.
There are some other computers also Super computer, personal computer, desktops, laptops,  etc.
Computer is also consider as a programming machine because it cannot do anything without program. It takes raw data from user as a input process it and produces output to user.