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All the computers that are developed are not alike rather they have different designs and features. Some computers have very high capacity as well as working speed; however, some are slow. Depending upon the requirements, computers are being developed.

Types of Computer
Depending upon the internal structure and subsequent features and applicability, computer system is categorized as follows −

Mainframe Computer
It is high capacity and costly computer. It is largely used by big organizations where many people can use it simultaneously.

Super Computer
This category of computer is the fastest and also very expensive. A typical supercomputer can solve up to ten trillion individual calculations per second.

Workstation Computer
The computer of this category is a high-end and expensive one. It is exclusively made for complex work purpose.

Description: Workstation Computer

Personal Computer (PC)
It is a low capacity computer developed for single users.

Apple Macintosh (Mac)
It is a sort of personal computer manufactured by Apple company.

Laptop computer (notebook)
It is a handy computer that can be easily carried anywhere.

Description: Laptop

Tablet and Smartphone
Modern technology has advanced further. It has helped develop computers that are pocket-friendly. Tablets and smartphones are the best examples of such computer.
The period from 1940 to 1956 is known as the first generation of computers. In the first generation of computers, electronic signals were controlled and transmitted with the help of vacuum tubes. These were used to make calculations. These computers were large and heavy in size. These computers generate a lot of heat, so they need an air conditioner (AC).
The period 1956 to 1963 is known as the second generation of computers. In this generation of computers, transformers were used instead of vacuum tubes. These computers were smaller in size than the first generation computers. They were able to calculate much faster than the first generation.
The period 1963 to 1971 is known as the third generation of computers. In this generation, silicon chips were replaced by transistors in computers. Integrated Circuits (ICs) were used in silicon chips. Which made it possible to reduce the size of computers. The use of integrated circuits in computers helped in increasing the speed of these computers.
The period 1971 to 1980 is known as the fourth generation of computers. Microprocessors were used in fourth generation computers. Microprocessors chips were manufactured in this generation. Very large Scale Integrated (VLSI) circuits were used in this generation of computers. With which thousands of transistors could be placed in a single chip. Fourth-generation computers were more powerful, compact, reliable, and cheaper.
Date 24-6-2020 Latter ssa Gandhinagar