Do you want to know how many SIM cards are active in your name?

Do you want to know how many SIM cards are active in your name? 
Fraud call or even after the fraud is often not realized where the call was made and who made it.  Such people are always using someone else's name SIM card.  Sometimes it happens that someone is using your SIM and you don't even know it.  The Department of Telecommunications has been alerted following this
દિવાળી પહેલા કેન્દ્ર સરકાર સરકારી કર્મચારીઓને વધુ એક ભેટ 
Facebook નું નામ બદલાયા બાદ હવે WhatsApp પર આવ્યો આ મોટો બદલાવ , જાણો શું છે અપડેટ 
તમારે જાણવું છે તમારા નામ ઉપર કેટલા સિમ કાર્ડ એક્ટિવ છે ? જાણો સરળ રીતે 
You can get the information from the portal of Telecommunication Department.  You can tell from this that no other person is using any SIM in your name.  Comment  You have to go to first to get this information.  Let's say that a maximum of 9 SIM cards are given per ID.  If you think a fake number is running on your ID.  So you can block that number with the help of government portal 
Know all the information and method first you have to open Ya .ll Gil After logging in you have to add your mobile number you will get an OTP  Now you will get a message from the Department of Telecommunications. In this message you will have to inform that some connections are currently active. The user can complain about this fake number on the same government portal.  If you receive a call from an unknown number, you are given the facility to know the name of the caller.
You can use TrueCaller, a well-known app for that.  You can also declare a request to block it. 
Cryptography It is the science of writing information in a 'hidden' or 'secret' form and an ancient art. It protects the data in transmit and also the data stored on the disk. option to download software from the appropriate source.
E-mail Attachments These attachments are the most common source of viruses. You must handle E-mail attachments with extreme care, especially if the E-mail comes from an unknown sender. Some terms commonly used in eryptography are as follows (i) Plain text It is the original message that is an input. (i1) Cipher It is a bit-by-bit or character-by- character transformation without regard to the meaning of the message.
Cipher Text It is the coded message or the encrypted data. (iv) Encryption It is the process of converting plain text to cipher text, using an encryption algorithm.
Decryption It is the reverse of encryption, Malware Threats to 1.e. converting cipher text to plaint ext.
Internet Majority of all computer users are unaware as when viruses attack computer systems. Almost all computer users click or download everything that comes their way and hence unknowingly invites the possibility of virus attacks.
Booting from Unknown CD When the computer system is not working it is a good practice to remove the CD, If you do not remove the CD, it may start to boot automatically from the disk whieh enhances the possibility of virus attacks Computer Security Malware stands for malicious software. It is a broad term that refers to a variety of malicious programs that are used to damage computer system, gather sensitive information or gain access to private computer systems.
It includes computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, rootkits. spyware, adware, ete Some of them are described below Sources of Cyber Attack The most potent and vulnerable threat of computer users is virus attacks. A computer virus is a small software program that spreads from one computer to another and that interferes with computer operation. It is imperative for every computer user to be aware about the software and its programs that can help to protect the personal computers from attacks. The sources of attack can be follow
Downloadable Programs Downloadable files are one of the best possible sources of virus. Any type of executable file like games, screen saver are one of the major sources. If you want to download programs from the Internet then it is necessary to scan every program before downloading them.
Cracked Software These softwares are another source of virus attacks. Such cracked forms of illegal files contain virus and bugs that are difficult to detect as well as to remove. Hence, it is always a preferable Virus VIRUS stands for Vital Information Resources Under Siege Computer viruses or perverse softwares are small programs that can negatively affect the computer. It obtains control of a PC and directs it to perform unusual and often destructive actions.
તમારે જાણવું છે તમારા નામ ઉપર કેટલા સિમ કાર્ડ એક્ટિવ છે ? જાણો સરળ રીતે
Viruses are copied itself and attached itself to other programs which further spread the infection The virus can affect or attack any part of the computer software such as the boot block operating system, system areas, files and application programs.
Do you want to know how many SIM cards are active in your name? 
આધાર કાર્ડમાં કેટલી વખત બદલી શકાય છે નામ, એડ્રેસ અને જેન્ડર? જાણો શું છે નિયમો

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