IMEI number will be displayed soon.  Then message him.  You will then receive a message on your phone containing all the details attached to your phone.  You can also check your phone by downloading the KYM - Know Your Mobile app.  With Diwali fast approaching, the shopping spree is in full swing and fake smartphones with tags of bonded companies are selling like hot cakes.  It is very important to know that the smartphone you are using is not a fake!  It is very easy to know if your phone is genuine or fake.  All you have to do is send an SMS.  If you also want to identify your smartphone, type KYM in the phone, give space and then your phone's 15 digit here you will find all the necessary details of your phone.  Now the most important thing, if this information does not show the IMEI number of the phone or it is written as a block, then understand that your phone is fake. 
which is intended to protect computers. It rmation technology known as information ter security is also known as cyber security auile mail Www a other ho e adres COMPUTER SECURITY 10 20 (0 30 10 Components of Computer Security Computer secAurity is associated with may 40 ecurity. computer security is branch of 70 areas. rotection of computing systems and the data Basic components of computer security sytem ae they store or access. Methods to Provide rotection re four primary methods to provide protection Sustem Access Control It ensures that uthorised users do not get into the system kencouraging authorised users to be security as follow 

Confidentiality It ensures that data a n accessed by any unauthorised person

 Integrity lt ensures that informatinn is not altered by any unauthorsed perwn in such a way that it is not detectable by authorised users.

  Authentication It ensures that usen are the persons they claim to be.

 Access Control It ensures that users access only those resources that thes ae allowed to access. oinicious Iuta Access Control It monitors who can wes the data, and for what purpose. Your qutem might support mandatory access astrols with these. The system determines aTer rules based on the security levels of the wople, the files and the other objects in your itera

  Non-Repudiation It ensures that originators of messages cannot deny they are not sender of the message ytem and Security Administration It Padms offline procedures that make or break eaure system.
Privacy It ensures that individual has the right to use the information and allows another to use that information.
Availability It ensures that systems work promptly and service is not denied to authorised users. em Design It takes advantages of basic vare and software security characteristics. 

computer system is not working, a systems. Alnost all computet sers 

Booting from Unknown CD W automatically from the disk which enirun are the most common soutee and hence unknowingly invites he p must handle P-mail attachmesta 

Internet Majority of all compde care, especially if the E-rail nevas Learn, Revise & Practice- Computer A option to download solvwase i 146 a Stenography is an art of hiding the existence of a message. It aids confidentiality and integrity of the data.  Cryptography It Is the seience of writing information in a 'hidden' or 'secret' form and an ancient art. It protects the data in transmit and also the data stored on the disk. Some terms commonly used in eryptography are as follows (0 Plain text It is the original message that is appropriate source. 

 E-mail Attachments The computer Sec me onmmon Eyo Nesident Vr Types of Virus unknown serder. eperating sys that are open eystem's mem unaware as when viruses attak there even af ee Rundex. download everything that come an input. (ü) Cipher It is a bit-by-bit or character-by- character transformation without regard to the meaning of the message. 

Cipher Text It is the coded message or the 2 Direct Acetic the file conta in the f iles of virus attacks, thee from AUTOEXEC encrypted data. (iv) Encryption It is the process of converting plain text to cipher text, using an eneryption algorithm. (v) Decryption It is the reverse of encryption, ie. converting cipher text to plaint ext. practice to remove the CD. If you d remove the CD, it may start to bot them partia been infect the possibility of virus attacks etc. 4 Boot Sect Sector vir Malware : Threats to Computer Security Malware stands for malicious software, broad term that refers to a variety of mal programs that are used to damage commu system, gather sensitive information or g access to private computer systems. It inc computer viruses, worms, trojan horses pns spyware, adware, etc. 

Some of them are described below type of vi disk. Brait created in Sources of Cyber Attack The most potent and vuinerable threat of computer users is virus attacks. A computer virus is a small software program that spreads from one computer to another and that interferes with computer operation. 

It is imperative for every computer user to be aware about the software and its programs that can help to protect the personal computers from attacks. The sources of attack can be follow 1. Downloadable Programs Downloadable files are one of the best possible sources of virus. Any type of executable file like games, Screen saver are one of the major sources. If you want to download programs from the Internet then it is necessary to scan every program before downloading them. 

Cracked Saftware These softwares are another source of virus attacks. Such cracked forms of illegal files contain virus and bugs that are difficult to detect as well as to remove. Hence, it is always a preferable S. Macro V using cer contain r eg. Meli 6. File Sys or Direc computs location Virus e.g. Dir 
 ગુજરાત સરકારના વર્ગ-૪ ના કર્મચારીઓને  ૨૦૨૦-૨૦૨૧ એડહોક બોનસ ચકુવવા બાબત પરિપત્ર 

Polym itself ir VIRUS stands for Vital Information Resouren Under Siege, Computer viruses or perverse softwares are small programs that can negatne affect the computer. It obtains control of a 20 directs it to perform unusual and often destren actions. Viruses are copied itself and attacbed itself to other programs which further spreats infection. The virus can affect or attack any pa of the computer software such as the boo bik operating system, system areas, files and application programs. The first compuler ra Creeper created in 1971 

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