Compulsory use of Shruti fonts in various departments of the State Government and in all their offices 
The above readings of the Department of Science and Technology of the State Government.
Instructions have been given to provide soft copy and hardcopy of the said document in Shruti font to the press for e-publishing the Gazette in Gujarati as per Annexure-1 and 2 attached with the resolution of Industry and Mines Department on Com- 3 taken as read as software.  It has come to the notice of the counter-resolution department that different fonts other than Shruti fonts are used in the exchange of information in Gujarati language between the department and all its sub-offices.  In addition, in PBM cases also the information provided by the Collectorate to the department here is given in other Gujarati photos.  As a result, it is difficult to compile and finalize information.
Even though most of the information is available in softcopy, it proves to be useless and the information has to be retyped.  Thus, duplication of operations costs a lot of manpower (manpower) and information cannot be exchanged within the time limit.
On the basis of the aforesaid resolution it is instructed to use Shruti font only for all operations and exchange of information in Gujarati language in the Heads / Offices / Sub-Offices / Corporations of the department and all the departments under its control.  This instruction must be strictly adhered to. In addition, for the exchange of information in English and Hindi, all have to abide by the instructions given in Annexure-I and II of the Resolution of the Department of Industry and Mines on the following:
If any office uses fonts other than Shruti fonts for the exchange of information in Gujarati language, the information may be denied and the head of that department / office will be held responsible for using fonts other than Shruti fonts for not providing information within the time limit.
Compulsory use of Shruti fonts in various departments of the State Government and in all their offices 
રાજ્ય સરકારના વિવિધ વિભાગો તથા તેમના હસ્તકની તમામ કચેરીઓમાં શ્રુતિ ફોન્ટના ફરજિયાત ઉપયોગ બાબત 
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B.L.O. ની કામગીરી માટે GARUDA એપ ફરજિયાત ડાઉનલોડ કરી કામગીરી ન કરાવવા બાબત 
ઉચ્ચ પ્રાથમિક શિક્ષક / વિદ્યાસહાયક અને પ્રાથમિક શિક્ષક / વિધાસહાયકની બદલીના નિયમોમાં બિન સરકારી અનુદાનિત માધ્યમિક અને ઉચ્ચત૨ માધ્યમિક શાળાઓના કર્મચારીઓનો સમાવેશ કરવા બાબત 
પંચાયતોમાં બનતાં ઉચાપતના અને અનિયમિતતાના કિસ્સાઓ અટકાવવા બાબત 
કોવિડ -૧૯ ના કારણે મૃત્યુ પામેલ વ્યક્તિના વારસદારને SDRF માંથી સહાય આપવા બાબત 
કોવિડ-૧૯ મૃત્યુ સહાય દિન ૧૦ માં ચૂકવવા બાબત.